How to Achieve the Work/Study Balance as a Postgraduate Student

For many postgraduate students, working part-time is often a reality due to the limited funding available for this particular mode of study. Working around study gives you more funds for those student essentials as well as a great way to reduce borrowing and debts.

Failure to strike the right balance between work and your postgraduate course can have a serious effect on your success in study but our tips can help you achieve harmony across all areas of your life!

Find a compatible part-time position

Sourcing the right job that complements your educational aims is vital when mixing work and study on postgraduate courses. Your course tutor may be able to help, as many employers approach the university directly with positions that are perfect for students. Dedicated student job sites, Job Centre Plus and The Students’ Union may also advertise student-friendly vacancies.

Retail in particular offers a great opportunity for individuals looking for stress-free part-time positions around postgraduate study, whilst bars and restaurants provide flexible hours to fit comfortably around your university timetable.

Organise your time

Whilst it never feels like there are a whole 24 hours to play with every day, organising your time with a diary or timetable will help you find time to study and work. Make sure you are clued up on important course dates and deadlines too and notify your employer to make them fully aware of the dates and times that you are not available for work.

Keeping your employer on side during your studies will give you the support you need to achieve your study/work balance effectively.

Take time to unwind

It’s not all work and no play, to improve success in your studies and reduce stress levels that can all too easily rise during a postgraduate course, it is vital that you make time to relax and unwind. Don’t push yourself to the limit with work and study, instead be realistic about your goals and timescale. Limiting relaxation will ultimately put your health and wellbeing at risk, leaving you unable to fulfil your roles at university and at work.

Seek advice

Your university will have a number of support services in place to help you if you are struggling, and it is important that you utilise these to reach your full potential. Not everyone can do it alone, and you don’t have to – seek support from your university, friends, family and fellow students.


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